Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition


A Letter from David Webb

August 25, 2015 Dear Reverend Booman, This letter is to introduce ourselves and explain how God heard and answered our prayers concerning the birth of our 13th grandchild. St. Michael’s was a key part of the story, and you should know some details. We worship at St. Michael’s every time we are in the area; […]

Life Value Prop

Life: a Value Proposition

We would all likely agree that life as we know it is priceless, beyond monetary calculation in its worth to each of us. This life is both trying and joy filled, with lots in between for most of us. Few if any of us would give it up willingly, yet LIFE is fragile and delicate, […]

Toolbox on Sunday, October 11

Title and Topic Title: It’s That Time of Year Again (but it’s really that time always) Topic: Stewardship – What is it? an acknowledgment that all that we are and all that we have belongs to God an invitation to prove God’s faithfulness and personal love for us an opportunity to have a part in […]

A Weather Report from the Rector

Dear St. Michaelites; Grace and peace to you. I pray this communication finds you safe and dry after such a legendary series of storms and tides. Four Pieces of News for you today. 1) Your church home is in good shape. St. Michaels is located at one of the highest places in the City and therefore experienced […]

Toolbox on Sunday, October 4

Title and Topic Tithing brings joy and contentment to the life of a Disciple Contrary to what the world thinks, giving actually brings joy, and is critical to the life of a disciple. Transformation and Witness People would have a desire to tithe not out of duty or out of being forced, but out of […]

Toolbox for Sunday, September 27

Title and Topic Why the way I Live as Disciple Matters to God and Those Around Me Remembering that The Disciple Understands the difference between being Born Again and Living a Holy Life (Justification, Sanctification) Transformation and Witness People would have a desire to live for Jesus not out of duty, or out of being […]

dioc shield_450

Diocese of South Carolina Defends Its Property Against Another Episcopal Church Appeal

Diocese argues to South Carolina Supreme Court that a lower court decision dismissing outside claims on local church property is consistent with state law and constitutional precedent. COLUMBIA, SC (Sept.  23, 2015) – The Diocese of South Carolina today argued to the state Supreme Court that a judge’s February ruling that the Episcopal Church (TEC) […]