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The Rev. Dan Rogers with Christ the King, Dorchester


Pastor Claire Sullivan

Director of the Hope Center with Straight Ahead Ministries in Massachussetts

My Passion

To reach those who are deeply impacted by incarceration, homelessness, addiction and violence.

 My Goal

To see Jesus Christ transform the lives of juvenile offenders. We want to create an international movement, whereby every juvenile offender has the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel and grow in his or her relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Mission

More than three million children and youth are arrested each year in the United States. Countless others are impacted, especially family and friends. This time of crisis can become the first step towards a new life. Straight Ahead provides supportive relationships and safe environments for youth to discover who they are, be prepared for independence, and create a promising future.

Straight Ahead offers opportunities for kids in lock-up to hear and respond to the Gospel and discover new ways of thinking and living. The Lynn Youth Reentry Project provides structure and support to help them through the critical transition into their communities and develop the skills and character that will help them live healthy, independent, productive lives.