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7th Healing Prayer Mission to India

Monday, November 11 – Saturday, November 23, 2019

St. Michael’s has had a fruitful seven-year partnership with the Diocese of Durgapur, West Bengal.

Hundreds have been baptized as a result of our Mission trips.

In 2019, the St. Michael’s Mission Team will:

  • Teach the healing ministry of Jesus Christ to church leaders and members
  • Conduct Festivals of Hope with thousands of people of all faiths
  • Share the Gospel with non-believers
  • Conduct Alpha training for clergy and lay leaders
  • Distribute Bibles in tribal languages
  • Visit St. Michael’s Safe House for girls rescued from human trafficking
  • Pray over and bless students attending the School of Nursing at Sarenga

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to anoint each one to proclaim the Good News of HOPE to the poor in spirit.

The blind will see. The lame will walk. The brokenhearted will be healed.

The oppressed will be set free in Jesus’ Name. Thank you!

Previous Missions to India

6th Healing Prayer Mission to India

Monday, November 26 – Saturday, December 8, 2018

Check out the video from the 6th Healing Prayer Mission trip to India!

Check out the newsletter from the Diocese of Durgapur!

Durgapur July 2019 newsletter

Monday, November 6 – Saturday, November 18, 2017

St. Michael’s 5th Healing Prayer Mission to Durgapur from Park Dougherty on Vimeo.

Diocese of Durgapur, West Bengal, India (Church of North India)

  • Two-day Festival of Hope for Children for 1,000
  • Music, crafts, Bible stories, fellowship, and prayer – a mini VBS!
  • Children-loving teachers are needed! Is God calling you?
  • Visit St. Michael’s Safe House for Rescued Girls
  • Festivals of Hope in towns and rural villages for adults and children
  • The team will lead morning teachings and share testimonies to leaders and congregations.
  • Festivals of Hope (Evangelistic Crusades) preaching and testimonies in the evenings; healing prayers for hundreds or thousands of those who attend

For questions, please contact team leaders, Johnnie or Jean Corbett by email embreesc@gmail.com or by phone to reach Jean at 843-729-6423 or Johnnie at 843-729-4993.

November 28 – December 10, 2016

St. Michael’s 4th Healing Prayer Mission to India



Contact Jean and Johnnie Corbett


Read the articles from the team members


    Sermon at St. Michael’s Church by the Rt. Rev. Probal Dutta

    India Mission 2016

    India 2016 from Heather Richie on Vimeo.