Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition


Alpha is an 11 week casual, fun and fascinating look at the Christian faith.  It is designed for those seeking information about Christianity’s basics, but it also provides “veteran Christians” with a wonderful way to meet people their own age and further their own Christian walk.

Alpha Tuesday Dinner and Discussion

Join us Tuesday evenings at St. Michael’s in the Fall and Spring.

Alpha Tuesday Schedule

What is Alpha?

An opportunity to explore the meaning of life! Alpha is about building friendships with people…about great meals…interesting discussion…answering perplexing questions.

Alpha is a casual, fun and fascinating course in the basics of Christianity. The course takes place over 11 weeks (Tuesday evenings), and involves three primary elements:  A shared dinner, a DVD presentation by Anglican Priest, Nicky Gumbel, and small group discussion on the presentation.  Topics range from Who is Jesus?  How and Why Should I Read the Bible?  How Can I Be Filled With the Holy Spirit, and what does that mean?

Why take the Alpha Course?

Both theology and the philosophy behind Alpha serve as the DNA of St. Michael’s Church.

The message Alpha offers is 100% scripturally-based, and wavers not an inch from God’s truth. However, the course also makes clear that, “We welcome you where you are.  At our church, you are invited to belong even before you believe.  Come join us, and open your heart to let the Holy Spirit begin working in your life.”


What steps do I take?

Alpha is “the gateway into St. Michael’s!” This is because the theology in the presentation is 100% in keeping with the Word being preached by our Priests.  As a result, it’s an expedient way for newcomers to discover where we stand on a wide variety of theological issues!  We use Alpha as our unifying baseline, and thus we can grow in our Christian walk together…each of us aligned and moving in the same direction. Alpha is offered both, in February and September! The Clergy, Staff, and Laity are uniformly committed to this ministry, and finding out more is as easy as asking the person next to you!

Alpha is for anyone…it’s simply, “Dinner and a Movie!”

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