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The St. Michael’s Church acolyte program consists of a group of eager young parishioners between the ages of 10 and 18. This team serves the flow and administration of worship. Throughout the year, this team provides a variety of support for the many different church services.

There are three main roles that an acolyte can fill on a given Sunday:

  • Crucifer -leads formal processions with the processional cross and carries the Paschal candle during Baptisms.
  • Server -helps prepare the Alter for Communion and assists the priest during the administration of Communion.
  • Torchbearer – Carries the torch in the procession, and assists with transferring the offertory plate to the priest.

Any of the three acolytes on a given day will light and extinguish the Alter candles. Training is offered anytime by any of the acolyte team leaders or the Vicar for Worship.

The acolyte program is a great way for young children to acquire a general knowledge of why St. Michael’s does what they do during their worship services. It is also a way to bring children and teenagers closer to God during their informative years so that they can be better prepared when they move on to college. The St. Michael’s Church acolyte ministry is always accepting new members. If you have questions about or would like more information on the St. Michael’s Church acolyte program, please contact any of the following men:


  • Along with the Ushers, the Greeters are the ambassadors of courtesy, grace, and welcome at St. Michael’s.
  • Offer an enthusiastic, joyful, and friendly welcome to one and all.
  • Encourage the use of name tags.
  • Understand and can direct families with regard to children’s ministries.
  • Keeps a special eye towards Newcomers and guests.
  • Provides them with additional information on St. Michael’s as appropriate (Guest Card, etc.)
  • Directs guests as they are able toward clergy or staff leadership present that connect personal interest to specific ministries of the parish
  • Enthusiastic about and an articulate advocate for the Vision of the Parish.
  • Understands the “4H” language of the parish vision and the hopes for transformational movement in discipleship via Alpha, Life Groups, etc..
  • Ready to receive guest cards that have been filled out and see that these cards reach their proper destination




  • Read lessons and lead Prayers of the People in worship
  • Trained and licensed as a Chalice Bearer to assist with Holy Communion
  • Learn the basic duties of an acolyte
  • Acquire a general knowledge of why we do what we do during our worship
  • Become capable of leading the Service of Morning Prayer
  • Maintain an active prayer life
  • Invested in the vision and life of the parish




  • Along with the Greeters, Ushers are the ambassadors of courtesy, grace, and welcome at St. Michael’s
  • Help equip worshipers by giving weekly worship bulletins and printed inserts
  • Help seat the congregation
  • Assist with the collection and formal presentation of Alms
  • Is a part of the administration of the Sacrament by guiding the congregation to and from the Altar Rail or balcony Communion Stations
  • Helps prepare the church for worship before hand and reordering of pews afterward
  • Assists the congregation as required and they are able


  • Altar Guild
  • Wedding Guild
  • Flower Guild

Prayer Ministers


Coffee Hosts & Hospitality

Help serve coffee and refreshments after each service.

Church Guides

Welcome guests after the 10:30 am service and give them a tour of the church and churchyard.

Connections Ministry

Welcome newcomers and give them more information about how to connect with St. Michael’s Church.

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