Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Theology Over Coffee

Theology Over Coffee with the Rector is meeting in the Chapel and via Zoom video  at 7:30 am on Wednesday mornings. To join in from your computer, go to Theology Direct Link, and then click on Open Zoom Meeting.  Or go to Zoom.com, click Join Meeting, and enter the Meeting ID: 819 5310 7051 and the Passcode: 123456.

To Bring Each Time:

      1.Your own Bible, Preferably ESV Life Application Study Bible
  1. A friend

Typical Wednesday Morning:

  • 7:20-7:30 am         Music in Chapel
  • 7:30 am                 Welcome and Key Announcements
  • 7:35 am                  Teaching by AZ or Leadership Team from the chapter
  • 7:50 am                  Transition to Small Groups
  • 7:55 am                  Small Group Discussion in various assigned rooms
  • 8:30 am                  Ending for most Small Groups
  • 9:00 am                  Ending for groups with more time


The 16 Things You Didn’t Know About Jesus

 16 Critical Stories of Jesus

Taken from Jerrum Barrs:  Learning Evangelism From Jesus

(Note:  Bible passage at end of each chapter is taught in the next chapter)

So far over the last several years, we have formed men through the following Curriculums:

  1. Café’ Theology
  2. Get out of the Boat
  3. Turbo Bible
  4. Getting Real

Looking at our history, time has come for a harvest!  This fall, we will be teaming up with other men’s groups of St. Michael’s Church to focus on the same thing:  looking at the 16 critical stories of how Jesus grew the kingdom!  This will culminate in the winter semester with what we hope to be the biggest Alpha we have ever seen! 

2021 Schedule:

  1. September 1        Orientation                            The Plan and Purpose of our lives
  2. September 8        John 7:53-8:11                     Caught Red Handed
  3. September 15      John 4: 7-26                         Jesus & the ‘3’ L’s:  The Least, Last & Lost 
  4. September 22      Luke 10:25-37                      Jesus and Lawyers
  5. September 29      Luke 18:18-30                      Jesus, The Master of the Questions
  6. October 6             Luke 19:1-10                         Jesus & the Most Unusual Dinner
  7. October 13           Luke 15:1-10                         Jesus Playing Lost and Found
  8. October 20           Luke 15:11-32                      Jesus & Two Lost Sons
  9. October 27           Luke 7:36-50                        Good News for Graduates of A Sinful Life
  10. November 3         Matthew 9:9-13                    2 Favorite Words of Jesus
  11. November 10       Mark 7:1-23                         Jesus on Rules and Traditions
  12. November 17       Mark 7:24-30                       When Jesus is Silent
  13. November 24       Matthew 8:5-13                  Jesus, An Officer and A Gentleman
  14. December 1         John 3:1-15                         Nic@Night
  15. December 8         Luke 16:1-15                       Jesus As Profound Entrepeneur
  16. December 15       Luke 14:1-24                       Too Close for Comfort
  17. December 22       Luke 18:14-27                     Nothing is Impossible with Cod                                                                                                                         (intentional play on words)