Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

The Treasure of Your Heart Produces Generosity

This sermon was given on Sunday, October 25, 2020.

Did you know your highest treasure produces generosity?  For example, If your heart’s treasure is golf, you will give generously to golf.  If hunting, you will give generously to that hobby.  Our highest treasure produces generosity!  If Jesus is your highest treasure, you will crave and hunger to tithe generously, as well as to get involved in the movement of faith!  Below you will find example after example of generosity as a product of Jesus as the highest treasure of our hearts:


• Created video and livestream capability for our services

• Increased worship participation by 100% with online worship

• 25% worship in-person, 75% online

• 7 Baptisms, 12 Confirmed, 2 Received

• Altar Guild – Communion chalice cups

• Flower Guild – greenery on the lectern

• Midday Prayers – increased attendance by 300% with Zoom

• Recordings of services & classes available at any time

• Renovated balcony for praise band and brass


• Hired a new Director of Children’s Ministry

• Added a new adult Sunday School

  • Incorporated Zoom and video in Sunday School


• Offered Wednesday class with special weekly guests via Zoom

• Created PODZ in backyards throughout Charleston

• Two Alpha classes, one Alpha-Omega

• Theology over Coffee – 15 to 35 men; new leadership course


• Expanded our outreach outside of Charleston and to other states

• Preached at Sandpiper twice during quarantine


• Monthly food drive for Tricounty Families Ministries

• Funding for training pastors in Burundi, & Orangeburg Pregnancy Center

Congregational CARE

• Letters written to home-bound parishioners

• Phone calls to all parishioners

• Weekly packets sent to Bishop Gadsden and Canterbury House

• Meals to individuals and families in need


• Kitchen renovation