Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

The Devil Can’t Make You Do It

The devil is real! He is not the little red creature with a long tail, horns and a pitchfork that was created by Hollywood.

The devil was known as Lucifer, meaning “light bearer, shining one”, morning star.  He was a PERFECT anointed Cherubim of GOD.  He was the most beautiful powerful, and likely the highest of all angelic beings. However, he became dissatisfied as a servant of GOD.  He found contentment in  himself, his beauty and his power.  So full of PRIDE he felt entitled to the throne GOD. He not only wanted to be GOD, his desire was to kick GOD off HIS throne, take over GOD’S Kingdom and Rule!  To implement his plan he convinced a third of the angels to turn against GOD and they helped him fight to take over GOD’S kingdom.

But in Revelation 21:7 it says that the Archangel Michael, the Chief Angel, the Leader of the Archangels, the military force, second in command to JESUS CHRIST deployed his angels and they fought the devil and his angels.  And the devil and his angels fought back, but they were not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven!  Michael and his angels defeated the devil and his angels and hurled the devil and his angels to the earth.

And now Satan “…is like a roaring lion walking about the earth seeking whom he may destroy…” Tempting us to turn against GOD, sin and do evil.— He lives among us, and his desire is to defeat you, destroy your life and the kingdom of GOD!

But the devil cannot make you do it!!!  It is our choice to do evil or to do the good that GOD has commanded us to do.  The Bible says that GOD has given us a way out—We can resist the temptations of the devil if we desire to do so!  We can fight the devil if and defeat him; not in our own power, but in the STRENGTH and mighty POWER of the LORD.

This sermon was given on Michaelmas Sunday, September 29, 2019.