Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Any Old Donkey Will Do

On one end of the spectrum from the book of Numbers we have Balaam, a famous pagan “hired gun” soothsayer.  Business card: Have blessings and curses…will travel. On the other end from the final verses of Luke’s Gospel we have the account of the Ascension of Jesus before the eyes of his disciples.  Why in the world should these two lessons be set beside one another?! How on this fourth Sunday of our annual Lenten pilgrimage shall the twain meet? Two hints. Two Sundays ago Fr. Booman pointed towards this truth: with or without us God is going to accomplish His will. He is a promise keeper.  Count on it. And seek to be a positive participant. Secondly, we are irrepressibly “sense-making” beings. As we seek the meaning of things within the muddle of life as we know it and our quest leads and leaves the spirit within us feeling lost at sea or alone in a barren desert….if in our quest for understanding we become lost in the word “why?”, I want to remind us that there is a faithful way home. Always.

This sermon was preached on Sunday, March 31, 2019.