Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

A message from Richard Grimball

Dear St. Michael’s Church!
It continues to be a blessing to serve as a priest in this community. I have experienced both personal healing, and the opportunity to shepherd the healing prayer ministry since June of 2019. Along this journey, I began to sense a nudge from Jesus to explore the opportunity of combining Healing Prayer Ministry with Clinical Counseling. That nudge began to take shape in November of 2020, when I started exploring the possibility of returning to graduate school at Charleston Southern University and completing my counseling degree to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.
With much prayer, discernment, and exploring the idea of this call, it became clear that doors were opening as confirmation that this was a path that Jesus wanted me to travel. In order for this to work, a number of things would need to fall into place to make it both sustainable and fruitful. As only Jesus can do, those necessary pieces have presented themselves and now make this opportunity possible.
Starting Monday 3 May 2020, I will transition to part time at St. Michael’s Church, while also connecting myself part time with Life Resources Counseling Center. This partnership will allow me to return to school full time and complete my degree and licensing over the next three years.
My role at St. Michael’s will change, but most importantly will allow me to stay connected to my home parish–a parish that is central to the life of my family and me. On Sunday mornings I will be assisting with online streaming in the Sanctuary, and on Monday and Tuesday afternoons I will be in the office assisting with worship preparation and communication. My place at Life Resources will provide me with the necessary support and resources as a clinical setting that also incorporates prayer ministry and healing prayer in their model of care. The opportunity to serve in both settings is a blessing beyond measure.
During this transition, St. Michael’s will be conducting a national search to fill my position for Pastoral Care and Healing Prayer Ministry. My presence on Sunday mornings, and part time presence during the week, will allow me to stay connected and make sure that the Clergy and Congregational Care Team are aware of the pastoral needs of the flock. Caring for you is primary, and remains the most significant blessing of being a shepherd at St. Michael’s Church.
As one of our clergy has noted on numerous occasions, we live a called life, and when Jesus calls we drop our nets and go. Where this will lead for God’s Kingdom over the next three years has yet to be revealed, but in His timing the process will make clear how He wants me to use this calling to give glory to Him and service to His people.
With many prayers and blessings, and humbled to serve this parish where I was baptized on Sunday 24 April of 1966.
The Rev. Richard B. Grimball, Jr.