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Prayer Needs

Prayer Needs during the Quarantine

Your clergy is available for your pastoral needs.

The Rev. Al Zadig                   al@stmichaelschurch.net

The Rev. Randy Shirley           randy@stmichaelschurch.net

The Rev. David Booman         davidb@stmichaelschurch.net

The Rev. Richard Grimball      richard@stmichaelschurch.net

Clergy and prayer ministers are available for prayer by phone or via a scheduled “virtual” video prayer appointment. Please contact The Rev. Richard Grimball to set up a prayer appointment.

Pandemic Prayer Challenge

Our Revival Prayer Team at St. Michael’s in Charleston issues a challenge for every Christian to defeat the coronavirus and to end the divisivness and Godlessness in our nation and world through prayer on a pandemic, global scale basis. We invite every Christian to invite every Christian they know through use of electronic and social media to join us and you for a daily rhythm of prayer, 3 times a day, sometime between the hours of 8-9am, 2-3pm and 7-8pm beginning the morning of March 19 and ending the evening of April 11 (the end of Lent). To God be the Glory! Amen.

We offer this prayer suggestion to use along with your other prayers.

  • Father, we praise and worship Your glorious Name, that You are the sovereign God Who rules over all things, and that in Your providence You allow evil so that You can bring about a greater good than we could have imagined. We pray, in the Name of Your risen and exalted Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, that You would over rule the evil of the coronavirus. Your Name is Healer, so where there is harm, bring healing. Your Name is Provider, so where there is loss, give what is needed. Your Name is Truth, so where there is confusion, cause the light of Your truth to shine into the darkness of unknown and falsehood. Most of all, as You have faithfully brought about mighty waves of the Holy Spirit to bring revival to Your Church and awakening to the world, pour out Your gracious and glorious manifest presence at this time. As it is written in Your holy word, “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? Show us your steadfast love, O Lord, and grant us your salvation” (Psalm 85:6-7). We pray and thank You in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen