Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Noreen Herring

1) How long have you been a member of St. Michael’s Church?

Our family joined St. Michael’s Church in 2004

2) Please describe your “spiritual autobiography” how and when you have come to know Christ personally as well as a description of your current spiritual life and practice.

I was brought up in a very devout Catholic home and attended Catholic grammar and middle school. I then attended an Episcopal high school in Greenville, SC. Staying connected to Jesus and my faith has always been a priority for me even through college and medical school. In the last year, since my parents have gone to be with the Lord, I have actually taken time to be quiet and listen and watch for God’s reassuring presence. I have been transformed into a more active believer and know that I am called to dive deeper into my Christian faith.

3) Please tell us about your experience in sharing the Christian faith with others.

I pray daily and read scripture including Bible in One Year and daily devotions. There is so much more to learn but I am actively soaking up all the lessons that I can from the Bible. I pray for my family, friends and patients. I also pray for St. Michael’s parish at this time. I have been on a Young Life mission trip to Tanzania  which was amazing. I feel I am an encouraging Christian and would eventually like to be involved with more mission work both in the Charleston area and beyond.

4) Please tell us how you are currently serving Christ at St. Michael’s Church and involved in our church community activities.

Over the years I have been a Sunday school teacher and have participated in Bible studies. Recently, Paul and I hosted Holy City Connects and really enjoyed every aspect of the fellowship with other St. Michael’s parishioners.

5) Please describe your vision for what God is calling St. Michaels Church to be

The clergy of St. Michael’s have said that the parish will remain “under” the guidance of Scripture. I whole heartedly agree that this is of utmost importance. There may  be some major  decisions in our future and we must trust that the Holy Spirit will guide St. Michael’s church down the correct path. I feel that St. Michael’s has so many wonderful, devout Christians. Some are talented teachers; others are supportive parishioners loving one another; others are missionaries, evangelists, administrators, talented musicians and of course devoted priests. “But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ. ” Eph 4: 7 It is the people that make St. Michael’s a parish so wonderful. Together we can continue to grow not just in numbers but in holiness.