Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Martha Dougherty

  1. How long have you been a member of St. Michael’s Church?

For 19 years since the Fall of 1998

  1. Please briefly describe your “spiritual autobiography” – ie how and when you have come to know Christ personally as well as a description of your current spiritual life and practice. I came to know Christ as I read the Bible with my children and attending a Women’s Bible Study at St Michaels.  But I would say conversion to knowing that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour came during a Biblical oriented Bible Study (BSF)where we read many books of the Bible and I discovered the joy of hearing God speak to me through his voice in the words of scripture.  That changed my life. I continue to keep the Bible as my primary guide for every problem, event, and situation that comes along.
  2. Please tell us about your experience in sharing the Christian faith with others.

My first experience was teaching Sunday School to children at St Michaels. Then as my daughter got older, we participated in the youth Burundi mission which was very powerful.    Then on a deeper level praying for and teaching pastors during the most recent trip to Burundi this past summer.

  1. Please tell us how you are currently serving Christ and at St. Michael’s Church and involved in our church community activities.

Currently, I am technically leading a Women’s Bible study, but it has really not been regular because of the HCC events.  I am encouraging my members to come to that instead.  I also sing in the choir.

  1. Please describe your vision for what God is calling St. Michael’s Church to be.

I feel God is calling St. Michaels to continue to do what it is doing.  Being beacon for the light of Christ, keeping scripture at the center of all it does, and relying on Christ to guide us and show us the next step.  I love the missions that St. Michaels is involved in and would like to see St. Michaels strengthen the interracial connections here in the city. We truly need to unite as brothers and sisters in Christ with all Christians in this city.