Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Chappy McKay

  1. How long have you been a member of St. Michael’s Church?

In 1998, I returned to Charleston and quickly began attending Saint Michael’s Church.

  1. Please briefly describe your “spiritual autobiography” – ie how and when you have come to know Christ personally as well as a description of your current spiritual life and practice.

By virtue of wonderful parents, I was raised in a very active Christian home.  A love for Christ has always been in my heart.

For a year, while in Washington, DC, I strayed away from regular Sunday attendance.  A work friend invited me to the Stations of the Cross at Saint John’s on Holy Friday.  My heart was once again sealed.

In 1999, I attended Alpha at Saint Michael’s. Through the Alpha course, I developed a deeper understanding and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Prior to Alpha, I had always felt that my relationship with Christ was brokered through clergy or through a one way “telephone” line prayer to Jesus.  Through Alpha, Beta, Gama and Saint Luke, I have been blessed by the realization and recognition of my two-way conversation with Jesus.  I cannot go a day with my personal conversations with the Lord.

My relationship with Jesus is the cornerstone of my life.  His will be done in my life.

  1. Please tell us about your experience in sharing the Christian faith with others.

My first experiences with sharing “Christ in me” began as a volunteer at the Cannon Street YMCA volunteering at evening shelter during college.  This experience allowed me to comfortably share with other “safe harbor” Christian volunteers my growing faith.

My sharing was reinvigorated during Alpha, Small Group Leader for Alpha and as an Alpha director.  As my comfort level and confidence grew, I began sharing more in small group bible study, Days of Healing Prayer and publicly giving my testimony.

Today, I freely and openly share my faith at work, home and in my daily life.  Most recently, as a volunteer Lay Chaplain with the Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy, I am blessed to share His Word with people in crisis and our first responders.

I am blessed by the freedom to share God’s word.

  1. Please tell us how you are currently serving Christ and at St. Michael’s Church and involved in our church community activities.

Recently, I served on a committee to renew our buildings and grounds.  Through a wonderful gift, we were able renovate God’s property and stave-off the effects of deferred maintenance.  God’s financial gift was reinvest in God’s buildings.

I also recently completed a personal faith renewal through the Alpha program.  Retaking the Alpha course is in anticipation of the upcoming Kenya missionary trip, which I intend to participate.

Though complicated by weekend scheduling challenges, I continue to volunteer as Lay Reader and usher.  As a Saint Michael’s outreach ministry, I continue to serve as a Lay Chaplain to the Coast Crisis Chaplaincy.

  1. Please describe your vision for what God is calling St. Michael’s Church to be.

My vision for Saint Michael’s is a “new church”, not of old bricks and mortar or leases or purchased property.  My vision is a congregation, deep in the love of God, devoid of the National Church conflict, and in faithful devotion to the unchanged word of God.  Our new church will be growing and prospering together in faith in a way we cannot imagine.  Our renewal and dedication to the Word is our invitation to new wine skins.

We will need to be a flexible and nimble Vestry.  If God’s plan is for us to “wonder in the desert”, we will need to minister differently than if we remain at Broad and Meeting.  Through discernment, God will lead us in the Right direction.  As we are guided forward, our clergy and vestry must be unified.  When decisions are made, unequivocally, we will speak with one voice.

I wish I could say I have a deliberate vision for Saint Michael’s, but the vision will be revealed over time to the Vestry and clergy.  I can share, that my heart’s desire is a clear vision for a congregation that is on a focused effort for unity, growth and engagement.   I fervently believe we are a congregation ready to move forward in a loving direction.  It is time to accept and shed the pain of our Church Divorce.