Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Next Steps

Step One:

If you are brand new to St. Michael’s, there is one place for you to begin and that is the Alpha Course.  We offer it both in the Fall and Spring.  It is a weekly course that features dinner, childcare and a wonderful presentation.

The Alpha Course is a series of talks based on the most often asked questions of Christianity, such as:

  • Why did Jesus Die?
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Does evil exist?
  • Does God heal today?

But Alpha isn’t just about content.  Alpha is also about bringing people around you in a small group that can be your small group for the rest of your life!

Try Alpha

Step Two:

The step after Alpha is joining a Life Group.  It is our hope that the small group you were in, in Alpha, would become a Life Group.  If the goal of Alpha is to take us from being Cultural Christians to believers, the goal of Life Groups is to take us from believers to disciples.  In your Life Groups you will study the disciplines of discipleship, from Scripture to the spiritual gifts.  The groups may follow along with the Bible in One Year lessons and devotionals by Nicky Gumbel and Al Zadig, or study a curriculum of their own choosing. Sign up to receive a daily text, e-mail, or download the app for Bible in One Year.

Many times these life groups come right from Alpha.  Sometimes, because of stage of life, and age issues, they don’t.  It is our goal to make sure you are in a wonderful life giving group.  Currently, our Life Groups are very diverse, they include:

  • Co-ed groups
  • Men’s Groups
  • Women’s groups
  • Mothers groups
  • Fathers groups
  • Homeless group

It is also our hope that your Life Group would be focused on 3 key values:

Up:  To God

In: To each other

Out:  To the world

Join a Life Group

Step Three:

To that end, our expectation is that these Life Groups would be the tip of the spear for our Action outreach ministry to each of the 4 H’s.  That is, entire life groups being involved in the transforming of hearts in the Home, the Holy City, the Hurting Coast, and the Hungering World.

Go on Mission

Join us in this thrilling Vision!