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Mission Prayers

Prayer Requests from our Mission Partners

The Mission Task Force sent Bill Hyer’s “Pandemic Prayer” to St. Michael’s Mission Partners and Mission Friends and we received some news and prayer requests.

Requests will be added as they are received.

Please pray as the Holy Spirit leads you. Thank you and God bless you.

Holy City Mission Partners

From  Lowcountry Pregnancy Center (LPC) Deb Ohlendorf, Director of Development

UPDATED:  LPC is going to be open for clients to receive baby items officially starting today from 1 – 4 on Mondays and Wednesdays.  They have a window that can be used for a pass through to meet the social distancing requirements.  Please feel free to drop items off!

Thank you for your email and concern for our clients.  I will send out the pandemic prayer to our team and am encouraged to know that others will unite at the designated hours to lift our concerns to the Lord, our Healer.

  • Pray for the men, women and children that we serve
  • Pray for current and future resources they need
    • Such as: diapers, formula, disposable wipes, clothing and other baby items during our time of closure. 
  • Pray for them individually as children of God as quite possibly no one else in their lives prays for them on a spiritual, mental or physical level.
    • Their salvation is so important to us and unless we, LPC and our supporters, lift them to the Lord, their situation may be more desperate.
    • Thank you in advance for the time, focus and effort this takes to lift complete strangers up in prayer, but to our Lord, they are not strangers, they are His children. 
  • Pray for staff: our Client Services area will be staffed with two key employees each day (Monday – Thursday) to answer phones and assist clients with over-the-phone counseling until this crisis has passed us.
    • Please pray that we are able to touch lives through these phone calls. 
  • Ask the Lord to send us the abortion vulnerable and abortion minded clients during this time.
  • Thank you for your prayers and diligence in loving on this ministry. It is a blessing to us.
  • May God cover you all with His protection and love during this time.

 Sincerely, Deb Ohlendorf, Director of Development, LPC, C: 843.475.1982   B: 843.553.3505 7481 Northside Dr., Ste. B N. Charleston, SC 29420  www.lowcountrypregnancycenter.com

From Water Mission International, JD Meeder

We’re so grateful to hear from you in the midst of this difficult time. I pray that our brothers and sisters at St. Michael’s have been healthy. 

I know that you all have much to pray for, but when you think of Water Mission, I’d ask that you pray the following:

  • Water Mission has initiated a response plan that will involve mobilizing Water Mission’s global operations into a Covid-19 emergency focus. Please pray for wisdom in this area.
  • Our community development staff in all of our country programs are working to educate communities about Covid 19, what they need to do to avoid it, and what they should do when someone is infected. Please pray that people would be receptive.
  • Our country directors have reached out to the Health Departments of their respective countries to offer assistance with sanitation preparations. Please pray for wisdom over each of these governments.
  • Our programs team is focusing efforts on hospitals in developing countries. We want to ensure that they have safe water and adequate sanitation as they prepare to receive coronavirus patients. Pray for hospital and clinical staff as they prepare. 
  • Our staff in Charleston are all working remotely. We are very fortunate to be able to do this, and thank God for that. It does present some challenges to our work, so please pray that God would continue to bless us with great internal communication and unity. 

We’re thankful for your friendship and partnership. If you all have any questions, please feel free to give me a call (843.422.6447).  In Him, JD Meeder, Regional Stewardship Director,  

Water Mission is working diligently to fight COVID-19 by providing hygiene training and safe water to communities, clinics, and hospitals that lack access in some of the most vulnerable areas in the world. Learn how to be part of this effort at watermission.org/covid19

Hurting Coast Mission Partners

From CCO, Carolina, the Rev. Jonathan Furst

Thank you for this (pandemic prayer).  Covid 19 has really changed the way we do campus ministry.  Currently, we are doing a lot on Zoom.  

  • Pray for students as they are somewhere between boredom, anxiety, apathy, and fear.  I’m trying to keep us as connected as I can.  
  • Pray that we would know how to be a church to students in this.

Blessings,  (the Rev. Dcn.) Jonathan Furst

CCO Campus Minister, Church of the Apostles, 1520 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29201

Office: (803) 814-5420;  Mobile: (607) 220-8056,   jfurst@ccojubilee.org

 From New Wineskins Missionary Network, Mrs. Jenny Noyes

Thank you for praying for us. Here are our New Wineskins prayer requests:

  • We have already been informed by two large donors that they will not be able to able to fulfill their pledges this year (potential loss of $30K)
  • In light of this, we have already had to lay off one employee (Hannah)
  • Pray for lots of new donors, even at smaller amounts, to give to New Wineskins – that God would release generosity among his people to support our own Anglican missions agencies (and not just larger relief orgs where money doesn’t always get to the field)
  • We are sending more relief money overseas as we receive requests. Our small grants are saving lives – going right to the source of the suffering.
  • Pray for persecuted Christians and those already in refugee camps. Christians are being denied food even in governments-sponsored food distribution where they are in the minority.

Blessings, Jenny Noyes, Executive Director   336-684-4330    newwineskins.org

From The Church of the Resurrection, Capitol Hill, the Rev. Dan Claire
  • We have streamlined on our website ways for church and community members to
    • receive care
    • volunteer to give care
    • talk by phone or zoom with a pastor. 
    • We also started offering daily morning and evening prayer by video conference throughout the week.
    • Please pray for our staff as we try to lead and serve while quarantined.
  • We have had one confirmed COVID-19 case within the congregation, with others awaiting test results. None, thus far, have been life threatening. However, about 10% of the congregation is involved in daily patient care in one way or another, or lives with (and is therefore exposed to) someone who works in this capacity. Another 10% of the congregation is or lives with someone who is considered high risk.
  • We still need to raise a small portion of the $1.5m down payment before closing, and that has become a lot harder in the current economic situation.
    • Pray for courage and wisdom regarding how to lead in the midst of this most unexpected turn of events

We had a lovely visit with St. Michael’s member Dr. Laura Stojanov and her son Peter at our morning service several weeks ago. It is our privilege to pray for you as well. Grace and peace to you from the Lord Jesus, and from your Resurrection family on the Hill.

Dan Claire, Rector    dclaire@rezchurch.org 

Hungering World Mission Partners

From LAMB, Honduras, Margaret Merritt
We certainly value your prayers for LAMB and like many we could use them now more than ever. Some specific prayers:
  • Honduras’ health care system ranks among the worst in the world. Please pray for God’s mercy on that country. Pray specifically for protection of our staff and those we serve. We have been blessed that we have the ability to set up a clinic for our children. Pray over the details of that. Pray that we can find a doctor to staff it and medical supplies with are not readily available.
  • People are already getting hungry. Pray for the Spirit to lead us we are being called to respond. We have already begun doing food donations and our staff is sharing food personally with neighbors. 
  • All of this, increases safety concerns. Already there are reports of robberies for food. Please pray God’s protection. 
  • Pray for wisdom and peace for our staff as they navigate these challenging time. Pray that we will be salt and light amidst even more critical circumstances. As many people in the community look to us to meet the increasing needs, may we respond as Jesus would!
  • Pray that God will continue to provide for the financial needs and to move hearts to be generous! 
  • Many years ago, we had a brush fire at the children’s home. Everyone came together in prayer. When it was over the fire drew a perfect circle around our buildings, with the flames coming up to the edge of our buildings but not any further. I keep seeing this imagine in my mind. Pray that the Lord protects our ministry but especially our Children’s Home in that same way. 
We too are praying for all of you!!! Please don’t hesitate to share specific prayers. 
Gratefully,   Margaret Merritt, Executive Director, LAMB (US)  (843) 442-9306       www.lambinstitute.org
From  Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM) the Rev. Christopher Royer, Executive Director

Please pray:

  • For the two missionary couples sent out from St. Michael’s through AFM serving in the Middle East are fine.  One couple is self-quarantining in-country, and one couple was traveling outside their country of ministry when airlines shut down.  Thus, they are outside the Middle East at present but doing well.
  • AFM’s 25 missionaries serving in 12 restricted-access countries. 
  • that as most are in quarantine, they will use their time to grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus. 
  • For AFM staff members
  • For financial partners to continue giving to AFM missionaries. 
  • For the Gospel to spread in the Middle East
  • 3 billion people of India who are under quarantine for three weeks to be protected from Corona Virus.

Thanks, Chris    anglicanfrontiers.com/ 804 355 8468    P.O. Box 18038, Richmond, VA 23226

 From Burundi, Simon Guillebaud

Covid-19 is affecting us all. As our attention is gripped by toilet paper and ventilators, the plight and potential of Burundi are further sidelined. Ironically, for thousands in Burundi having no toilet paper is just normal – and as for ventilators, there are only 20 in the whole nation (and 24 dedicated ‘hospital’ beds for the anticipated corona crisis).

Onesphore Manirakiza, our National Director in Burundi, a man well-acquainted with hardship, yet during our Zoom prayer meeting last week he wept openly, not for himself but for his country and for the lost who do not know the love of God.

Pray for the work to continue in these areas:

  • Financial Support
  • Hope to AIDS sufferers, empowering former prostitutes, providing hope to the poorest communities,
  • Pray for resources for our new hospital and health clinics
  • Pray for educating orphans and widows, caring for street children, equipping leaders, reaching the lost and sowing peace… the list goes on…
  • Pray we equip and release leaders of integrity which is more critical now than ever

May the Lord uphold you, your loved ones and your community. Thank you for your ongoing love, prayers and support.

Simon and all at Team GLO  www.greatlakesoutreach.org

From Anglican Church of North India (ACNI) Bishop Probal Dutta, and his Pastors

Please pray for:

  • We hear the government will provide. But the reality is everything in the market is triple the price.
  • Supplies are coming down and price is going up. It’s difficult to do any purchases.
  • ACNI Church congregations’ safety for the Corona virus
  • Michael’s Day Care Centers Children & Parents safety for the virus & good health.
  • These members of the churches
    • Phulmoni Surin
    • Prodip Dhodaria,chest pain and headache
    • Jospina Kerketta, all body pain
    • Susmita Dhadoria, for her studies
    • Anita Hembram, married many years praying to conceive
    • Robert Robin Das, had several Cerebral attacks and lost his memory but Praise God he attends every worship Service and still remembers hymns, prayers and Scripture.

Thank you for sharing the Pandemic Prayer, which I sent to our pastors.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Probal Kanto Dutta, probaldutta@ymail.com

From Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders (SAMS), Anne

Thank you so much for checking in.  As most of you know I think, I’m in Charleston right now. As far as the virus, I’m doing fine.  I’m incredibly grateful that I did not attend several events I normally would have last month which would have exposed me (and my family and others).  I’m grieving the loss of my brother along with my family and sad I won’t be able to visit his grave April 3.  The Lord is healing, though, and He’s good.  Still Zooming in for ministry meetings. 🙂

As far as prayer requests:

  • Thanks to be with my family in Charleston while we grieve the loss of Brad and for protection from the virus
  • Praying for my family’s continued healing over Brad’s death, continued protection for all from the virus, and that our hearts (individually and corporately) would turn to the Lord.  
  • I pray this for the churched, but especially the unchurched/unreached whether in SE Asia or elsewhere.

Thanks so much!  Blessings to you,  Anne

From YWAM Thailand, the Rev. Claire Sullivan

Thank you for this beautiful (pandemic) prayer! I am praying for all of you I know at St. Michaels every night.

Please Prayer for:

  • The loss of my brother.
  • My sister-in-law and their children who are broken hearted
  • My long-term Visa will expire on April 8th. No foreigners can enter Thailand until 4/30.
  • I must re-apply at the Royal Thai Embassy of New York City, whose borders are closed.
  • Corona Virus will turn Thai’s from idolatry to our Living God in Christ’s Name. 
  • Many in Thailand live in slums. Refugees, deaf mutes, and prostitutes are not informed of the preventative measures.

Thank you for asking for our prayer needs. That is the most powerful thing we can do now.

Pastor Claire Sullivan, Elder, YWAM Thailand, Missionary 4 Life.   csull85@gmail.com

From South Sudan, Bishop Abraham Nhial

Please pray for:

  • Implementation of Peace
  • God’s protection from Coronavirus 
  • Good rains
  • Ministry of the Diocese of Aweil to continue preaching the Good News especially reaching the Muslims 

Thank you all so much for your prayers for us. We are also praying for you all, our brothers and sisters in Christ at St. Michael’s Church. God bless St. Michael’s Church, abundantly. 

Yours in Christ’s service,  Bishop Abraham Nhial,   yelnhial@gmail

From Bujumbura, Burundi,  Onesphore Manirakiza

St. Michael’s, I am encouraged to hear that we are covered by your prayers . 

Up to now, there is no official coronavirus case in Burundi. However, all surrounding countries have cases and therefore the borders are closed. We continue to pray for those in difficulties and ask the hand of God to be upon us as well .

The crisis is already having effect on the country and we need prayers for:

  • Wisdom as we lead churches and missions in this context full of uncertainty and fear;
  • For God’s provision. Since the borders are closed and Burundi depended on food from neighbor countries we are already exposed to starvation. Pray for the millions of Burundi who are hungry and will be more and more exposed to this as we move forward.
  • Health Infrastructure. Our health infrastructure is very fragile . If the virus hits the country, none knows how things will look like. Pray that God will make a way for the health leaders to get equipment and medications needed to take care of the sick.
  • More faith. With physical eyes, everything around is discouraging and scary. We need more faith to be able to see things with the spiritual eyes and glorify the name of our Lord and savior Jesus during this crucial time. 

I will keep you posted on how things are going. Onesphore Manirakiza, +257 61 347 702