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Feel disconnected? Want to build real friendships? Want to learn more about your faith? Want to live life as God intended it? Then Life Groups are perfect for you.

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What are “Life Groups”?

Life Groups are communities of 6 to 12 people that get together at least once every two weeks to do three things:

1.  Go UP to God through Bible study and prayer,

2.  Go IN to community by building strong, true, authentic Christ-based relationships amongst Life Group members, and

3.  Go OUT to the world by encouraging and equipping each other to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ where we live, work, play and learn.

How are Life Groups organized?

Most of our Life Groups made up of people in the same station in life (such as similar ages and family status), and most groups have both men and women in them.  We also have groups that are just men and just women.  These groups tend to be more diverse in age and station in life.

We also have Life Groups for Middle School and High School students.

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How do I get into a Life Group?

If you are 18 or older, there are two ways of joining a Life Group.

The first way is to take the Alpha Course at St. Michael’s.  Most Life Groups are born out of the Alpha Course, so the best place to start is by taking Alpha.

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While you can join a Life Group without taking Alpha first, we strongly encourage that you do take Alpha.

We do have some Life Groups that are open to anyone at anytime.

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Are you interested in Starting or Leading a Life Group?

Leading a Life Group is a great next step in your spiritual formation. Leading a Life Group is a big step for you personally, and it is also a key role in the life of St. Michael’s. Because it’s so important, we want to do everything possible to equip you to lead well. If you are interested in starting a new Life Group or assuming a leadership role in your current group, we’d love to begin that conversation with you.  

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Resources for Life Group Leaders:

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