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St. Michaels Church on
God’s Mission in Kenya

In response to Rev. Simon Mwaura’s visit at this year’s GIC, St. Michaels Church is sending two groups of people serving as four distinct mission teams to Kenya this summer:

1.  June 7-25 Team to Nyahururu, Kenya to launch the Alpha program, and to train leaders in an innovative Vacation Bible School curriculum which will benefit the 40 churches of God’s Grace for All Nations (GGFAN) and three orphanages which care for 100+ children. St. Michaelite Team Member : Nena Jackson


Nena Jackson & Kristi Smith (St Michael’s Church) visit to Kenya – June 2016 from God’s Grace for all Nations on Vimeo.

2.  July 7-22 Team to Nyahururu, Kenya to teach inductive Bible study techniques and personal wellness strategies to 50 village pastors in the GGFAN Pastors’ Bible School.  This Team will also follow up on the work that the June 7-25 Team did to be sure the leaders are able to implement the training they received.  We will also begin a relationship with Rev. Mwaura’s leadership team and board of directors.  St. Michaelite Team Members : Lori & Ellie Moore

3.  July 7-22 Teams 3 & 4 to Karisia and Wamba Divisions of Samburu County, Kenya to experience the work of the Samburu County Nkalup Vision (SCNV) in planting 1,000 churches serving 50,000 people so Samburu County will become a reached people group.  These teams will travel over almost impassable terrain to 18 villages where Nkalup Preaching Points have been established in the last 4 years, resulting in approximately 900 new Christians.  We will be commissioning new buildings constructed from lodge poles and iron sheets which will be used for worship, schools, and medical clinics.  We will be learning from the 16 board members of SCNV, who will be traveling with us for the 10 days we are in Samburu County.  Our hosts for these two teams includes Anglican Bishop of Samburu The Rev. Jacob A. Lesuuda and The Rev. Simon and Lucy Mwaura of GGFAN-Kenya.

St. Michaelite Team Members : Nancy Harwick, Ray Hardwick, Betsy Henderson, Bill Johnson, Dan Polon, Jennifer Polon, Charles Waring, Susan Waring

We expect the Holy Spirit to impact our SMC Teams through cross-cultural encounters, resulting in transformed hearts for Jesus who will become more effective witnesses for Jesus in Charleston and beyond.  We will be learning how to make followers of Jesus in challenging areas where the people learn through stories and songs, not books.  We will learn how these Kenyans live in remote areas where there are no paved roads, no safe drinking water, and little access to primary education.  We will get to know village leaders who provide for their people where there are almost no resources for community development and church planting.  We hope to develop lasting relationships which we intend to continue when we return to our home culture, so that cross-cultural learning by our Team members can continue while in Charleston.  We are praying that we become wholly Acts 1:8 Christians who are simultaneously witnesses for Jesus in “Jerusalem AND Judea AND Samaria AND the Ends of the Earth”, not just Kenya.


God’s Mission In Kenya, July 2016 from Nkalup Vision on Vimeo.