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Ignite Conference, August 20-21, 2021

The Ignite Conference

Equipping Christians for Today’s Spiritual Warfare

August 20 – 21, 2021

Conference Schedule

Friday, August 20 5:00 pm – 7:45 pm

Saturday, August 21 9 am – 4:30 pm

Hosted By: St Paul’s Anglican Church

316 West Carolina Summerville, S.C. Church Office: 843 873-1991

In Cooperation with American Anglican Council

The Situation:  For more than fifty years we have watched the slow and steady “transformation” of all areas of our public life. Today, hostility to biblical faith is sweeping over our land with the ferocity of a wild fire. Encouraged by secularism, today’s narrative claims that biblical adherence is a disguise for bigotry and hatred. What is the logic or the spirit of the age behind this transformation?

The Ignite Conference will focus on understanding the ‘spirit of our age’ that has brought about this transformation affecting both civil society and the Church. Without an understanding of this spirit, it is impossible to formulate an effective response.

Broadening Our Understanding:

Friday Sessions – will explore the underpinning of Critical Theory and its many offshoots – social justice, sexual identity, and racism. With that foundation laid, we will examine the critical inroads that the ideology of expressive individualism or the autonomous self, in its theological form, has made on the Church.

Saturday Morning Sessions – will turn from culture to the legal war taking place in the courts and legislatures. Ideologies have been politicized under the banner of identity politics and now challenge our form of civil government and the freedoms we have enjoyed under it, including our First Amendment freedoms of religion, speech/ thought and association.

Saturday Afternoon Sessions – will be devoted to practical steps believers can take to safeguard our churches from challenges to come, i.e. review churches’ governing documents, use of facilities policies and membership requirements. Tips to prepare believers to also make challenges on behalf of religious freedom will be shared. Our Rector, Al Zadig, Jr., will be speaking at this session, on a call to action.

Join the Army – Become informed, inspired and equipped . Help reignite the church and society’s belief in our country’s founding principles – We seek to reaffirm our identity in Christ so as to stand united for Biblical Truth – no matter what the cost.

Register atwww. stpaulssummerville.org

Scroll down to Ignite icon.   $15 covers all meals and both days


Contact: Conference Coordinators Father John Scott, St. Paul’s Anglican Church or

Paul Lassanske pwlassanske@gmail.com 804 436-7141

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