Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Fear Not

FEAR NOT - In the Name of Jesus!

Finding GOODNESS and HOPE today!

Have you seen evidence of our St Michael’s Community sharing the love of Christ and the Good News of Jesus during this crisis? Help us spread Hope, Goodness and Joy as we see it in one another, our family and friends. Please send me your photos and stories of triumph, courage, creativity and love! Let’s take the time to inspire each other by being grateful and share the light! (Also please make sure all included in your witness are ok with their photos and stories being posted in a public format, ie the internet, Facebook, website.) 

You can find these fabulous stories on our Facebook (St Michaels Church Charleston), Instagram (stmichaelschurch1751) and our Website (www.stmichaelschurch.net) each week! I look forward to receiving your stories and connecting with each of you! 

Let us not be discouraged by our circumstances but be encouraged by the presence of God! Thank you and God bless you! 

Stories in our midst:
Lee and I wanted y’all to know how much we enjoyed the sermon on Heaven (what a joyful sermon!) as well as the majestic music yesterday for Easter!  We attached photos of us, dressed up in our Easter church clothes participating in the service in our dining room. Lee took a photo of me when we were singing.  I  created a “make do” Easter altar during Lent with the Easter lily and two chocolate crosses along with Christian Easter greeting cards from past years from family members. Lee keeps teasing me that the chocolate crosses are false idols since I gave up chocolate for Lent!
We were with y’all in the spirit though not in the body. 
On to Pentecost!
Carolyn and Lee

   Suzanne and I just want to compliment you and your fellow staff members on doing an excellent job delivering the gospel in this current environment. The services are very well presented and things are organized beautifully. An interesting component of your work is our ability to share it with friends who are unchurched or lacking church commitments for various reasons.
   One example is two ladies from my hometown that were high schools classmates or friends. Living in Oklahoma, one of them is pretty much home bound with MS. The older widowed sister and current caregiver is now unchurched yet having grown up in the church. We’ve been able to share services with them via the internet and they are lifted up and so encouraged by our church messages.
   Thank all of you for this collateral value.

   Blessings from Suzanne & Carlyle Blakeney

Thank you so much for Right Now Media!!!!

We have a 2 year old with us for the duration and she is loving the videos!   Talk about a God send.
Patti Secrist
Back Door Evangelism
Carolyn and I live at the head of a cul de sac with nine houses around us in very close proximity.  On this beautiful day, we threw open our back door, cranked up the volume on our computer and joined St. Michael’s online worship service singing at the top of our lungs.  Provided we receive no complaints from the Homeowners Association (and maybe even if we do,) this broadcast of the Gospel by St. Michael’s will be our back door evangelism throughout Covid-19.
Thank you for another HEAVENLY and FAITH BUILDING online worship service today!  Not in a prideful way, but ALL OF YOU are very telegenic.  By that I mean your authenticity and sincerity abound on camera as much as in person.
All for Christ!
Lee Mikell

“Here we are, week 2, watching the video from the sanctuary of St. Couch and All Paintings in Mt. Pleasant.”  George & Pam Klein

Dale Frampton shared this video and wrote: “This is truly beautiful. My 4 siblings and I have agreed to pray Psalm 91 every night at 9pm. This is such a fitting Psalm for our time right now. And this rendition of it is amazingly beautiful. Thought you might like to listen to it too.” Blessings, Dale Frampton