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Children & Family Ministry

We welcome you to our family based ministry webpage. It is such a thrill that you want to learn more about how God can bless your family through knowing Him better. You may be asking yourself, what is different about a family based ministry? I am glad you asked.

We, at St. Michael’s, believe that the best teachers for our children are the faith-driven parents. In this family led ministry, parents find that they have the greatest amount of time and the unique ability to really impact their child’s faith. Our goal, as a department, is to provide opportunities and materials to help enhance these learning moments that families share together. The Children’s Ministry is dedicated to honoring and encouraging families in their walk with Christ.

Sunday School
Children are meeting virtually for Sunday School, due to COVID. 

Youth are meeting at 10:00 am in the Rectory Yard, or in the Buyck Chapel in inclement weather.
Click here for more Information on Sunday School 

The Nursery is currently unavailable during Sunday School worship due to the ongoing COVID19 situation

Prayer Photo Directory

As David Booman and the Task Force develop their vision for this ministry, our team of leaders and intercessors would like to pray for the children and families of our church. As you have probably experienced with your own prayers, having a picture in front of us often enhances our ability to focus in prayer. With this in mind our intercessor and leadership team would greatly appreciate a family picture as they pray for each of you (casual/candid shots are fine). 

If you wish to provide a photo that will be prayed over, please email me at: eemoore4@gmail.com. And a big thank-you to those who have already done so!

Blessings, Ted Moore, on behalf of the Family Ministry Task Force of St. Michael’s Church

Family Ministry Survey

Why a survey? Because the family ministry task force is passionately committed to doing everything we can to bless and support you and your family, so that you may flourish in Christ. However, just as we take our car in for a checkup before an important trip, it is important that we discern how we are currently doing as we prepare for the adventure that lies ahead.

Therefore, we are asking you to fill out this brief (5-minute), completely confidential and anonymous survey. We implore you to be honest!  Please don’t feel bad if your answers are not superlative! My answers weren’t all great when I took it, but it was still eye-opening and helpful.

Take it with your spouse and have a conversation around your unique spiritual journeys! And even if you are not currently living with a nuclear family, know you are part of St. Michael’s family and your answers will help us all to greater self-awareness.

          Again, we’re doing this survey simply to see where we are, to establish a baseline, so that we can move the ball down the field. As a ministry we can track our progress experientially and anecdotally, but we also want to track it empirically, to fine-tune our strategic planning.

Once we’ve tabulated the results, we’ll let you know how we’re doing as a community.

Finally, these questions are meant to ask you about a TYPICAL week. Not when you’re on vacation, when the kids are sick, etc.

Thank you for supporting the Family Ministry of St. Michael’s!

  • David Booman

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