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Bible Journey – and a new Sunday School class

This online course has been developed by Gordon Conwell in Charlotte. It is a multimedia, immersive Bible Study that combines lecture, video, historical context, scholarly commentary and real life application of scripture. The material covers the whole Bible and is broken down into 6 studies ( 3 Old Testament and 3 New Testament) each of which have several courses.
A Bible Journey Sunday School class, facilitated by Linda Prince, will be in the Willis Room, beginning on Sunday, September 13, at 9:15 am. Masks and social distancing are required.
The material would be perfect for a Life Group. In addition, the Discipleship Task Force also encourages individuals to sign up. We will create study groups that can meet in person or online. Training for discussion leadership is also available.
You can learn more at https://biblejourney.com/ The study of the Gospel of John is available free for one month and allows you to explore the material and learn to navigate the many resources. A link to that study is in the upper right corner of the website. The cost to St. Michaelites may be lower than advertised.
A pilot group of St. Michaelites did the Pentateuch Study last year and found it exciting, valuable and enriching. If you would like to ask questions, feel free to contact Susan DiCamillo at s.dicamillo@gmail.com.
Try binging on the Bible rather than another TV series!