Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Our Mission at St. Michael’s church is very simple, in fact so simple you could print it on the back of a t-shirt!

Our Mission is to:

Mobilize to Transform Hearts Through Jesus Christ

We exist to Transform Hearts through Jesus Christ. Let me unpack the word transform.  Fundamentally, the word transform means:  to change the form or appearance of something.  Our foundational purpose is to see hearts surrender to Jesus Christ.  Unpacking this even further, there are three steps to the transforming of the heart:

Step One:  Going from Cultural Christian to a Believer

Perhaps like me, you grew up in a church, but never had that aha moment where you surrendered to Jesus Christ.

This key stage aims at helping each person come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

Key Ministry Tool:  The Alpha Course

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Step Two:  Going from a Believer to a Disciple

Perhaps like me, when you became a believer, you thought this is nice and just stayed at that level for some time.

This key stage aims at helping each person take on the disciplines of Christian faith, introducing you to the key points of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, i.e., prayer, Scripture reading, spiritual gifts etc…

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Step Three:  Going from a Disciple to a Witness or Apologist

Again, perhaps like me you thought being a disciple was the end game.  Not so much!  Being a disciple is the training ground for being a witness or an apologist.

This key stage aims at training each person up to know how to speak to this generation about Jesus Christ (a theological field of study we call apologetics or being a witness to the world)

Key Ministry Tool: The Gamma Course or Go on Mission

Gamma Apologetics Courses

Go on Mission

From this course, we send you into one of the H’s…of our vision.