Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

A Message from the Rector

August 13, 2021

Dear St. Michaelites and Friends:

I returned from family vacation to a sweet sweet spirit in worship.  Something amazing is happening and it is so good to see the Lord at work and to see your smiling faces.  Some of you are still in your summer places but know this, you have something very special to come home to.

I have a short term request of those who will be worshiping in person over the next few weeks.  As you well know, the “Delta” variant is moving through Charleston just as it has in other places.   Recently, the COVID-19 Epidemiology Intelligence Project at MUSC has updated the outbreak as having gone from “significant” to “severe” with a 140% increase of infections in the tri-county area.

With this new information the Worship Task Force met followed by the Vestry and have given recommendations.  After much prayer and counsel, the vestry is recommending that parishioners wear masks when entering and exiting Sunday services until the outbreak has abated.

With the beauty of what we are seeing in worship, no one wants to see even a tiny step backwards but here we are.  We are asking for what I call, “restaurant rules.” Will you wear a mask as you enter and exit the church building?   Some have also suggested we spread out a bit more.  In addition, the 7:30 service generally has fewer people if you and your family would like to be in person with more elbow room.   Of course, the livestream service is also available.

The Bible teaches us, “In all things give thanks,” not for all things but in all things. Thank you Lord for carrying us thus far and for teaching us about yourself during these unusual times and thank you for the work you are doing in midst.

I look forward to Sunday as we worship together in Spirit and in Truth.

Much Love in Christ,

The Rev. Alfred T.K. Zadig, Jr.+