Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition
Why the Battle_fi

Why the Battle? Different God and Gospel?

Assuming nothing, this 3 week course will help you understand the theological divide that exists between the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of North America. This course will also help you understand that the problem that many mainline churches have today stems from a failure of discipleship. So, this course is not about politics and sexuality, it is about our core beliefs, theology and discipleship.

The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon and our Rector will team up for 6 teachings over three Wednesday night “Deep Dive” forums during the last three Wednesdays in Lent. The Sunday sermon before each Wednesday will highlight and preview the talks.

Sunday March 4:  The Rev. Alfred Zadig, Jr.:  The Power of Discipleship

  •       Wednesday Deep Dive:  March 7:  The Rev. Al Zadig: 7:00 pm (Kinloch Room)

o   Part 1:  What this is all about in 10 seconds or less; Over-Under Part 2: Jesus, the Buddha, and Mohammad

Sunday, March 11:  The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon:  Does Jesus Have Power to Change Us?

  •       Wednesday Deep Dive:  March 14:  The Rev. Al Zadig and The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon 7:00 pm (Kinloch Room)

o   Part 1:  Did Jesus die to make us good or new?  Part 2:  Is our Gender Really Up for Grabs?

Sunday, March 18:  The Rev. Dr. Peter Moore:  Do We Have Power to Change Jesus?

  •       Wednesday Deep Dive: March 21: The Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon: 7:00 pm (Kinloch Room)

o   Part 1:  Can we Redefine Marriage?  Part 2: The Church; Imperfect, Fallible Yet God’s Vehicle to the World

Who is the Rev. Dr. Kendall Harmon?

Kendall S. Harmon (born 1960 in Illinois), is Canon Theologian of the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina and assistant rector at Christ Saint Pauls, Yonges Island.  He has also served as a General Convention deputy and editor of The Anglican Digest.  His writings have appeared in The Living Church, The Church Times, the Church of England Newspaper, Episcopal Life, and other periodicals. He received the degree D. Phil. from Oxford University for his doctorate on aspects of the doctrine of Hell.  Kendall is married to Elizabeth, with whom he has three children Abigail, Nathaniel and Selimah.

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