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Why go to New Wineskins?

New Wineskins Global Mission Conference:  September 26-29

Better Together

By David Richardson

Is it turning out to be a St. Michael’s Family Reunion??? Could be! It looks like the largest attendance from St. Michaels ever! Our missionary partners from India, Bishop and Mrs. Probal Dutta and Raja Moses will join us. On Wednesday, September 25 Anglican Frontier Mission has invited St. Michael’s to their Pre-Conference gathering on Testimonies From AFM Missionaries Around the World. The gathering begins at 7:00 p.m. with worship and short presentations by four St. Michael’s mission partners Cornelius, Zira, Caleb and Rebecca. Our own Bishop Mark Lawrence will close the evening with a talk on “The Inner of Life of a Missionary.” To sign up for AFM Pre-Conferences go to https://anglicanfrontiers.com/afm-new-wineskins

It was three years ago that Linda and David Soutter experienced the New Wineskins Global Missionary Conference and I asked Linda to share with me her impressions and specifically what she would say to someone thinking about attending New Wineskins for the first time. Linda did not hesitate to state:  “You will meet so many people at New Wineskins that encourages you so much to stay strong in your faith and walk with Jesus Christ. You hear testimonies of people that put their life on the line every day serving on Mission. I left New Wineskins personally challenged to get out of my comfort zone to do more in the mission field with two questions weighing heavy on my heart and mind:  What can I do that I am not doing? How can I do it?” Linda Soutter concluded my brief interview with her by saying, “I wouldn’t miss the New Wineskins Global Missionary Conference unless it was impossible to attend!

You, too, will be blessed to be a blessing to others from your experience at North America’s largest Global Mission Conference in Ridgecrest, N.C., Sept 26-29. Mission Awareness Presentations (MAP) will replace the traditional workshops allowing attendees to hear more testimonies and receive more training and inspiration from missionaries and mission-engaged leaders from around the world. Bishop Dutta will present a MAP.

My personal fitness trainer told me that the key to physical fitness is, “just show up”! Perhaps this also applies to spiritual fitness. Please join us at New Wineskins 2019. If you have questions or need any information, please visit the New Wineskins Global Mission Conference website at  https://newwineskinsconference.org/pricing or call me personally at (843) 860-5124.