Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Who’s Serving the week of Nov 19 – 25

Vestry of the Month: Laura Gruber

Altar Guild/Flower Guild: Group I/Group I


8:00 am

Ushers: Heyward Horton, Michael Hull

Reader/Chalice Bearer: Sam Hines

POP/Chalice Bearer: Frank Barnwell

Prayer Ministers: Jeanette Winfield, Molly Hull

Coffee Host: Kate Marjenhoff


9:30 am

Team Captain: Robert Gruber

Worship Team: Ken, Anne, & Margaret Hyde, Shannon, Eli, & Elias Deeb, Annetta McNabb, Amy, Edward, & Edwin Thompson


10:30 am

Greeters: John Hollingsworth, Meme Asserson, Pam Klein

Ushers: Bruce Bahlav, Daniel Dillon, David Gilkeson, Ed Barnett, Garrett Dieck, Harris Jordan, James Smith, Jules Deas

Acolyte: Henry Young

Crucifer: Caroline Young

Acolyte Shepherd: Duval Acker

Reader/Chalice Bearer: Ella Richardson

POP/Chalice Bearer:  Ginny Good

South Balcony Chalice Bearer: Trish McGuinn

North Balcony Chalice Bearer: Roger Poston


Prayer Ministers:

(North Aisle) Eunice Logan

(South Aisle) Charles Waring, Ellen Hollingsworth

Church Guide: Jeffrey Moll

Coffee Hosts: Daniel & Jennifer Polon


6:00 pm

Worship Team: Elizabeth Parker, Maraide Sullivan, Jim Sully, Jan Schachte

Prayer Ministers: Weezi Shaw, Linda Wall


Mid-day Prayers: (M)Trish McGuinn (T)Peg Eastman (W)Bob Prioleau (Th)Mikell Scarborough (F)Cynthia Straney

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