Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Who’s Serving the week of February 24 – March 2

Vestry of the Month: Lee Cox

Altar Guild/Flower Guild: Group III

Sexton: Arthur Bailey


8:00 am

Ushers: Charles Corley, Bill McCue

Crucifer: Smith Miller

Reader/Chalice Bearer: Greg Miller

POP/Chalice Bearer: Trish McGuinn

Prayer Ministers: Cynthia Straney, Jeanette Winfield

Coffee Host: Kate Marjenhoff


10:30 am Chapel

Team Captain: Hunter & Megan Louis

Worship Team: Eli, Shannon, & Elias Deeb, Edward, Mary Stuart, & Elliot Hay


10:30 am Sanctuary

Greeters: John Hollingsworth, Caroline Farrior, Kendall Lee

Ushers: Cantey Hare, Charles Baker, David McLain, Jed Kelley, Michael Tappan

Acolytes: Henry Young, Hudson Zadig

Acolyte Shepherd: Preston Wilson

Reader/Chalice Bearer: Cecilia Gaddy

POP/Chalice Bearer: Lois Daughtridge

Balcony Chalice: Susan DiCamillo

A/V: Trish McGuinn

Prayer Ministers:

(North Aisle) Jean & Johnnie Corbett

(South Aisle) Chris & Laurie Snedeker

Church Guide: Jerry Reves

Coffee Hosts: Kristin & Jordon Hoort


6:00 pm

Worship Team: John & Alex McElroy, Suzi & Bruce Berg

Prayer Ministers: Harriett Harris


Mid-day Prayers: (M)Trish McGuinn (T)Peg Eastman (W) (Th)Mikell Scarborough

(F)Cynthia Straney