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Ways to get involved with the St. Alban’s Ministry

Citadel logoLooking forward this spring, there are several ways you can be involved:

  • Make it a habit to pray for a specific cadet
  • Write an encouraging note to a cadet
  • Join us in worship on a Monday night
  • Donate snacks to the St. Alban’s lounge (soft drinks, chips, cookies)
  • Donate snacks for care packages during finals week.

What is a care package? A Care Package is a small bag or box containing snacks and treats and a small note. At The Citadel care packages are big deal and a great way to show a cadet you are thinking about them!

What goes into a care package? The contents of a care package should include individually wrapped snacks and drinks, and even homemade treats are acceptable! Items such as tobacco and alcohol should not be included.

What kind of snacks do cadets like? Popular items include beef jerky, Reece’s peanut butter cups, Rice Krispie treats, Cliff protein bars, granola bars, almond, peanuts, Gatorade, Coca-Cola.

Where can I get these items? If you would like to donate an item, just pick it up at the grocery store and drop it in the donation box! If you would like to donate a large quantity of an item and bless many cadets at once, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Amazon sell all of these items in bulk!

What if I want to prepare a package for a specific cadet? Contact Nik

Contact Nik Holum (843-302-4732), he has a roster of active St. Alban’s cadets that include their personal favorites!

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