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Vestry Report

The Vestry met on February 23, 2017.  The primary topics of discussion were:

  • The Rector presented a list of “core teams” of laypeople currently working on various tasks around the Church, including teams dedicated to (1) managing people’s first connection to St. Michael’s, (2) developing Discipleship programming, (3) youth and family programming, (4) pastoral care, (5) mission, (6) building and grounds, (7) stewardship, and (8) personnel. The Vestry discussed the use of “core teams” in light of the Vestry’s visit to Church of the Cross in Bluffton.  No action was taken, and the Vestry will continue the discussion concerning “core teams” in the weeks to come.
  • The Vestry approved a series of maintenance expenditures recommended by the Building and Grounds Committee, including repairs in the Churchyard, roof repairs and installation of an A/C unit in the sacristy, and various painting projects around the Church.
  • The Vestry decided to begin working with a consultant to better flesh out and fill the new Senior Associate Rector position.
  • Wade Logan provided an update on the federal court litigation between Bishop vonRosenberg and Bishop Lawrence.  The case has been remanded to Judge Houck in the District Court.  It is not known at what pace that case will proceed.
  • Gary DiCamillo reported that we have closed the books on 2016 with a balanced budget and sufficient cash on hand.
  • The Vestry further discussed their visit to Church of the Cross and the various lessons learned from that congregation and its leadership.

The next Vestry meeting will be March 30, 2017.

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