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Ukraine Facts

After the Bolshevik Revolution more than 7 million Ukrainian Men, Women and Children were systematically starved to death by the Soviet Union
After the Germans invaded the Ukraine during World War 2, they murdered 7 million Ukrainians
2.5 Million Ukrainian Men died fighting the Germans
Between 1921 and 1943 half the population of the Ukraine was lost


Prayer Support for team members and the mission!

Financial Support

You may mail a check to St. Michael’s Church, Healing Mission to Ukraine.

For more information please call or email Jean Corbett 843-729-6423

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Recent Article

In 2015, St. Michael’s Global Impact Celebration – Faith Promise – awarded a generous donation to Pastor PeterChernyavskyy to continue sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in targeted villages around Zhytomyr City. St. Michael’s sent short term mission teams to teach the healing prayer ministries for nine years 2004 – 2012. Our Ukrainian friends continue to be faithful to the Lord during these times of high costs of living and tension of war on their borders.

We want tp share Peter and Valentina’s precious letter with those who supported the Healing Prayer Missions to Ukraine through your prayers and financial donations. And for those who never met them, this is a brief introduction to St. Michael’s friends in Ukraine

Pray for Pastor Peter and his beloved country of Ukraine! Thank you and be blessed as you read!

Jean and Johnnie Corbett
“Dear our spiritual parents Papa and Mama,
Your Ukrainian children, Peter and Valentina send you warm greetings of love and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Our hearts were full of pain when we heard about the accident that happened to you. Since that very moment, we have prayed and asked God to heal your wounds and renew your bodies by the power of the Holy Spirit. We love you very much and are always ready to help you with our prayers. Unfortunately, we are not able to be by your side and help you in these hard times. If it were possible, we would do it. If there is a need, I am ready to come and help you work with my hands.
You served to so many people in so many countries of the world, including Ukraine, praying for their healing in the name of Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit. You taught us to pray for people and we do it with the anointment of the oil and God heals people. You also taught us to help people and serve them as Jesus did.
At present, I prepare food bags and distribute them among poor and hungry. They all are sincerely grateful to you and praise God for it! Thank you for your love to our people, Christ’s work and for all good which you do for us in His Name and for all needy brothers and sisters.
You taught me to love people for which I am grateful to you! Thank you for so many times preparing and bringing teams from Charleston, which brought great blessings. Thanks to your love God’s work in Ukraine and many prayers – many people came to Christ!
I cannot express all the feelings in the letter, but I should say that Valentina, I, Marina and many other brothers and sisters in Ukraine, love and pray for you. We miss you and pray about the possibility to see you. Please, let us know when it is convenient to have a Skype conversation with you.
Our ministry in Ukraine grows and we reach new villages for Christ. We have a door-to-door walk of 9 villages, and we have 6 more to go before Christ’s return. We work with children, youth and men. Soon, we want to have an Evangelizing meeting for family members of men who serve in the East of our country and took part in war actions.
Although, we have a problem with the old (church) house in Leschin. It has mold all over. That is why it must be destroyed.  And we do not have money to build a new one on the same place. In that house, we conducted SundaySchool classes and youth meetings. There is no place to have those meetings now.
On Christmas, we had two Evangelizing events in Yaropovichi and Zarubentsy villages. At that, we had 10 teams and visited about 350 people in 12 villages, telling them about Christmas, singing Christmas carols.
There is always much work for God! Our youth plan to reach children in 2 local schools through sports.
May God richly bless you. Give our best regards to everyone who knows and remembers us! We love you very much! Get well soon and come to Ukraine!
Your spiritual children,

Peter and Valentina”