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Treasurer’s Report through September 2016 by Gary DiCamillo

November and December are busy months for your vestry and clergy as we complete the 2016 fiscal year and develop a budget plan for 2017. Our principal aim is to fulfill St. Michael’s transformation, children/youth, pastoral, worship and mission ministries. Each of these ministries has a purpose and a plan and we budget appropriate expenses to meet these plans. Of course, we also must budget to meet our clergy and staff payroll and benefit expenses as well as meeting the operating and maintenance needs for our facilities.

The vestry believes in responsible budgeting and we will only approve a 2017 budget less than or equal to the income achieved in 2016. This means all of our ministries are counting on you to meet your 2016 tithe and GIC pledge promises. The final 60 days of the year are traditionally the most active in terms of stewardship giving and look forward to you making St. Michael’s a top priority in your year end giving.

Based on pledge and non pledge giving so far this year, we are 66 percent of the way to meeting St. Michael’s 2016 income budget. This means we will need to collect 34 percent of the year’s total giving in the October to December time frame. Based on previous years patterns, we should come close to meeting our $2,296,260 total income. You should have received your year to date giving report in the mail recently and fulfilling your 2016 pledge before December 31 will go a long way in meeting this year’s plan.

Similarly, we separately budget St. Michael’s missions ministries to the Holy City, Hurting Coast and Hungering World through GIC/Faith promise giving. Through September, we have collected about 60 percent of these pledges and still need about $100,000 in total faith promise giving to achieve the budgeted plan. Unlike the operating budget, the missions/faith promise fiscal year runs from February to February. So, although we would prefer to have your GIC giving before the end of the calendar year, you have until February 15, 2017 to fulfill your pledge.

Please remember both your tithe and faith promise giving pledges as you consider your year end giving planning. Our clergy, staff and volunteers are counting on you as we meet our 2016 ministry obligations and plan the 2017 budget.