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Treasurer’s Report

By Gary DiCamillo

Each year St. Michael’s stages the Global Impact Celebration (GIC), a two-week program presenting, discussing and recognizing our church’s dedication to mission. This year’s GIC was particularly successful as we disbursed over $233,000 to outreach ministries in the Holy City, Hurting Coast, and Hungering World. Total mission giving in 2016 was $234,054, up nearly 20% versus 2015 giving. Importantly, 100% of this giving goes directly to our ministry teams and partners, with all administration covered by St. Michaels’ operations budget. Significant ministries funded in 2016 included:

  • Fresh Start Ministries (Holy City) $12,000
  • Anglican Leadership Institute (Hungering World) $20,000
  • Restoring Foundations – Rwanda (Hungering World) $20,000
  • Diocese of Durgapur India (Hungering World) $63,630
  • Nkalup Vision – Kenya (Hungering World) $25,433
  • Great Lakes Outreach – Burundi (Hungering World) $50,787
  • Hope Center in Lynn MA (Hurting Coast) $15,000

These outreach ministries, as well as many others, are funded by a petition and selection process overseen by a four member Financial Advisory Board (FAB), composed of selected St. Michael’s parish leaders. This Board solicits, reviews and then decides which missions to fund and the amount of that funding each year. Budgets are prepared annually and funding is separate from the Tithing Pledge that supports the operations of St. Michael’s Church. The missions giving year begins with the two GIC weeks in late January and continues to the following February. We request an offering separate from the Annual Tithe to fund our missions efforts. This annual offering, coupled with specific missions gifts throughout the year, fund all of St. Michael’s outreach ministries.

Please make sure you have completed both your Annual Tithe pledge as well as your Faith Promise (GIC) pledge for 2017. Our ministry teams are counting on you!



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