Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Toolbox for Sunday, September 11

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Series Topic

The Call of the Church: We are Family


Lesson 1: We are Blessed!

Paul praises God for every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Transformation and Witness

Chosen to be holy and blameless, believers are blessed in Christ for the praise of God’s glory.


Ephesians 1:1-14

Questions for Discussion

Up to God in Worship

How does belonging to a Christian community help you and I to see God at work?

What work of God have you witnessed that causes you to thank and praise Him?

Into Community

How does our culture often direct us to look for happiness and blessing?

 Read Ephesians 1:1-14  Paul’s Praise for God’s Work

  1. What do you learn about the identity of God’s people from Paul’s greeting (1-3)?
  1. Paul mentions the phrase “in Christ” 11 times in the first 14 verses. What do you think he is seeking to communicate about the Christian life? (See also John 15:5).
  1. What are the spiritual blessings God the Father has given His children? (vv. 4-8)
  1. How do Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit contribute to these blessings?
  1. How would you define the nature of blessing or happiness based on these verses?
  1. For what purposes has God chosen and called us in Christ? (See also Romans 8:29-30).
  1. What is God’s plan for all things in Heaven and on earth, and how has He chosen to fulfill His plan (8-14)?
  1. What does it mean to live for the praise of God’s glory?

Out in Mission

Where do you often look for happiness and blessing other than God? What have been the results?

How may God use your story—of looking elsewhere for blessings found only in Christ—to bless another?

What would it look like for you to live for the praise of God’s glory in your home, school, church, or work?

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