Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Toolbox for Sunday, May 29

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Title and Topic 

Discipleship Under the Power of the Holy Spirit


Psalm 96

Galatians 1:1-12

Teaching Questions/Ideas

Up in Worship

How has the Holy Spirit guided you in the truth of Christ this week? What praise and thanks will you offer to God as a result?

Into Community

1.     Think about a favorite song you like to sing. What about your song makes it so powerful?

 Read Psalm 96

2.  What does Psalm 96 reveal about God’s mission?  What do you think it means to sing a new song?

3.  Which attributes of God do you observe in each refrain? How should God’s people respond to these attributes?                                                                                                                   1-2




4.  What do we find worthy of praise in our culture? How is the Lord “most worthy of” praise (4-6, 10, 13)?

5.  What is significant about those who are called to “ascribe glory to” God (vv. 7-13)?

6.  The psalmist invites us to sing a “new song” declaring God’s glory (in witness) and ascribing glory to God (in worship). How could someone who is not musical declare the glory of God in this kind of witness and worship?

7.  Why will the Lord’s coming cause the whole creation to rejoice? (10-13; See also Romans 8:18-21)

Read Galatians 1:1-12

8.  What new thing had God done that made it difficult for many Jewish followers of Jesus?

9. What are the core truths of the gospel that must be proclaimed?  How do both the religious and irreligious often pervert the gospel of Christ?

Out in Mission

Why is it important that we preach the gospel to ourselves and one another?

What new song is God calling you to sing so that others—in your home, city, or world—may know Him?