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The Ministry of Women Advent Brunch: a Reflection

On Saturday, December 7, 2015, St. Michael’s Ministry of Women hosted the annual ladies’ Advent Brunch – made remarkable this year by the Brunch prepared by our own Director of Missions and chef extraordinaire, Andy Hein!  The men of the Church (Andy Hein, Jay Siebels, Rev. Mark Avera, Tom Acker, Bruce Bahlav, Matt Ozment, Gary McLauren, Rev. Al Zadig and Mikell Scarborough) helped in the kitchen and became first-rate waiters.

The Kinloch Room looked ready for Christmas, adorned with wreaths hand-made by Judi Brantley hanging in the windows, and with luxuriant greenery as table centerpieces also carefully crafted by Judi, who made spectacular red bows for each, as well.  The entire setting made us all feel that special spirit that only comes at Christmas, thanks to Judi and her gifts to us all.

Nearly 100 ladies attentively listened as Dr. Allston Kitchens shared the story of her life of faith, sprinkled with glimpses into her life as a medical doctor, Peace Corps volunteer, mother, wife and daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Fitzsimmons Allison.  We would so easily see her humanity as she illustrated some of her ups and downs thus far in her journey.  Allston warmed our hearts as she opened hers to us so freely and with such good humor.

The Committee that made this possible and wonderful included:  Joy Avera, Judi Brantley, Pam Klein, Pam Smith, Elizabeth Zadig, Angela McLester – as well as Susan Waring and Vicki Vázquez, as our staff support.  Thank you one and all for your heart and help this year!

~ Duval Acker