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Testimony by Tom Acker on the 2018 St. Michael’s Healing Mission to India

St. Michael’s 5th Healing Prayer Mission to India

By Tom Acker

This is my second trip in as many years, and I’m pleased to report that our labors are producing an incredible harvest. I used to wonder what good my tiny contributions could make where the need is so enormous, but the Lord is multiplying every gift! Every prayer strikes a blow against the forces of evil at work in a land where there are hundreds of gods and all of them have demonic powers supporting them.

Jesus has commissioned every Christian to go into all the world and make disciples, and that’s what’s happening in India. Last year (2016), I met Srishti, a young man from Sarenga. He is a Christian and he wanted to start a ministry. We prayed together and asked the Lord to bless his efforts; this year, he has a ministry, the “Go Ye” ministry, with a number of partners including his two brothers. They have a band that sings praises to God. The fields are ripe and the Lord is multiplying this “loaves and fishes” effort exponentially. Last year, at the “Festival of Hope” in Sarenga, we were expecting 2,500 people and 3,000 showed up. This year, we prepared for 3,000 and 4,000 showed up. I’m looking for the day when we will have to rent the soccer stadium!

Many Indians, priests, deacons and evangelists under the leadership of Bishop Dutta are doing the hard work every day in the trenches. Then these Americans and Europeans come and are treated like rock stars. But, I tell you, we are not doing anything that any other Christian can’t do by the power and grace of our Lord Jesus. The festivals are built around us through Jesus. The people in India don’t know who Billy Graham is, but they know who Johnnie and Jean Corbett are — they are the ones who bring the Good News of salvation and healing through faith in Jesus Christ.

The human trafficking trade is at epidemic levels, especially in West Bengal, but I have seen first hand how rescuing one child can change entire families. Sunita was rescued by the Diocesan Anti-Human Trafficking Team a few years ago. This spring, she graduated, the first in her family to do so, and is now teaching in the school she once attended. She has brought her whole family to Christ and the Good News of Jesus continues to spread through her village. In the bright sunshine “this little light of mine” goes unnoticed, but in the deep darkness of oppression, it can shine like a beacon.

I’m thankful that our God still heals today and delivers us from the curse of sin and death, lifting us up to eternal life with the assurance of salvation by the deposit of the Holy Spirit.

I’m also thankful for St. Michael’s’ support, physically, mentally and spiritually, and for enabling me to be a small part of this mission.