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Testimony by Lisa Holland on the 2018 St. Michael’s Healing Mission to India

India Reflections 2017

By Lisa Holland

This was my third India mission trip and this year we were able to do something we hadn’t done before. Five of us met with the 21 little girls in the St. Michael’s Safe House. I cannot get over how young and small they are; each one rescued from sex trafficking, each one beautiful. We had gifts for girls that we sponsor or that friends of ours sponsor. Dennis and I sponsor a little girl named Karuna and I was grateful to be able to meet her.

But I am even more grateful to Bishop Dutta and his team for making the arduous effort to find and rescue these children. It is an expensive and time-consuming effort that involves investigators, lawyers and judges. But the Bishop is dedicated to the effort and my small part is to sponsor one of these precious girls. I also brought gifts from Chris Turner for her little girl and David and Marty Richardson for their little one.  It was a touching and precious time for us.

I am overwhelmed by the hospitality of the people who have so little yet give so much. We are greeted like royalty with music and dancing. We are met in the road and escorted onto the church property. We have our feet washed and we are offered tea. You can feel the love when you walk onto the campus of these Christian churches. The people’s faith is so strong I feel inadequate, but then a small voice will remind me that I am being obedient to the Lord and all I need to do is show up and watch the Holy Spirit work.

At Koonor we were met by a young couple and their one-year old son. Two years ago they traveled many miles to Koonor for our team to pray over them; they had been unable to conceive a child. This year they traveled the many miles to show us their son. God is good; He answers prayer! In Sarenga the Festival of Hope is drawing larger and larger crowds. People travel for many miles to come to the Festival to hear us teach and have us pray over them. Everyone comes for prayer! The Holy Spirit is at work in the Diocese of Durgapur and I am humbled to be able to be part of the work.

After we left Durgapur, Dennis and I spent a few days in Delhi, resting and sightseeing.  We enjoyed our time in Delhi and Agra, but one thing that stands out to me this year is the reality that what we spent for ONE night in the Delhi hotel would sponsor a child for a year in the Safe House! We have so much, and they have so little!

There is so much fruit in the Diocese of Durgapur. I hope to be able to go again next year!