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Testimony by Linda Wall on the 2018 St. Michael’s Healing Mission to India

2017 India Mission Reflections

By Linda Wall

The goal in missions was orchestrated all around as our team worshipped Almighty God along with the beautiful people of India, witnessing of His love, of His glory, of His Son Jesus, His Hope and joy in the faces of those who danced, lifted their hands and voices in praise and worship and prayers. Thousands of villagers traveled day and night to attend the festivals that were like a touch of heaven on earth, where the Holy Spirit was working in power. One couple told me they traveled 40 miles one way on their bicycles each carrying a child on their bike to attend one of the festivals in a remote village, and they had to peddle back in the dark. There is a hunger for the saving grace and hope of our Lord and Savior Jesus in India. I’m so glad our St Michael’s has joined in with Bishop Dutta and his awesome team to serve God in India.

The long hours of service and sacrifice of the bishop and all the wonderful, sacrificing clergy and the laity in the villages touched my heart and amazed me to see how wonderfully they orchestrated logistics and planning along with our leaders (who also amaze me) to host the Festivals of Joy throughout such a widespread area and enormous number of people. It’s incredible how the spreading of God’s Word — God’s love — is growing numbers of followers of Jesus Christ in India. The lifting up of those who have no hope, no Savior, who live in desperation, sickness, violence, hunger. One Indian pastor quoted to me from Matthew 25:40. He said, “The Lord said, ‘Truly I tell you whatever you did for the least of these you did unto Me.’”

My heart was overwhelmed by the work of the Holy Spirit in the Diocese of Durgapur to help those who have been rescued from human trafficking to live in safe places, to hear about the saving grace and love of Jesus Christ, get an education, learn to dance and be surrounded by people who love and care for them. I was overwhelmed to see the beautiful smiles on their precious faces as they danced with joy before the Lord who loves them and gives them hope for the future.

The KSN nursing school in Sarenga also touched my heart. I am amazed at the leaders and the precious nurses by how much they are doing with what they have, and they must learn nursing in English. We witnessed their kindness, compassion and desire to help the villagers from which they came, the awesome education they are getting, the growth in the facility. The dormitory St Michaels provided was wonderful. Prayers for their studies daily.

God’s light and love could be seen in contrast to the surrounding darkness of despair, poverty, sickness, disease, violence, crime, oppression and hopelessness. I continue to pray for the needs of those who brought their prayers before God during the many times of intercessory prayer. I also encourage intense prayers for the victims of human trafficking violence in India and around the world, pray to expose it, for justice, for resources, legislation, for the church to reach out to the victims of human tracking as have the Diocese of Durgapur and St. Michaels .

This verse stands out to me. Isaiah 58:5-7; 10-11 (paraphrased):  “the kind of fasting the Lord desires … to loose the chains of injustice, untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke … Share your food with the hungry, provide the wanderer with shelter … spend yourself on behalf of the hungry, satisfy the needs of the oppressed … You will be like a well-watered garden like a spring whose waters never fail.’’


Pastor Pande with the children – Baldahura Festival of Hope


A hug for Linda!


Lord, listen to your children pray!


Welcoming Committee, Kuchlaghati, Sarenga!