Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition
Simon Guillebaud

Meet Simon Guillebaud, GIC 2017 Visiting Missionary

GIC Opportunities to Meet Simon Guillebaud

Wednesday, February 8
5:30 pm WOW Healing Service
Guest Preacher: Simon Guillebaud, missionary to Burundi
Sunday, February 12
6:00 pm Holy Communion, Rite II / Contemporary Worship
Guest Preacher: Simon Guillebaud
7:00 pm Reception and Invitation to Mission in Burundi with Simon Guillebaud


About Simon Guillebaud

Author, speaker, social entrepreneur, family man, cyclist and charity founder, Simon Guillebaud had a very clear call to Burundi in 1999, when it was regarded as the most dangerous country on earth. Having unexpectedly survived 7 years of genocide and civil war, he set up GLO (Great Lakes Outreach) with the vision to transform Burundi and beyond through holistic mission, working with gifted local leaders of integrity.

Now married with three young children, he still lives in Burundi, which is currently the ‘hungriest country in the world’ but enjoying a fragile peace and an economy that is starting to grow.

Simon is author of the bestselling Choose Life – 365 readings for radical disciples, voted ‘Devotional of the Year 2015’. He is also author of ‘More than Conquerors’, ‘Sacrifice‘ and ‘Dangerously Alive‘ and has over 25,000 social media followers who read his challenging, frequently shocking, sometimes amusing and always authentic tweets and blog posts.

Simon places a very high value on his family life and in his books is keen to acknowledge his partnership with his wife, Lizzie in the way they aspire to live out their Christian lives together.

Simon’s work through GLO continues to have a huge impact on the country, now helping around 75,000 of the very neediest people every year in strategic and sustainable ways.

Simon holds himself accountable to the local Scripture Union team in Burundi, for whom he worked for many years before setting up GLO. He and his family are active members of Bujumbura International Christian Church. Simon is sought after as a speaker in Burundi and internationally, and is at the heart of Burundi’s National Prayer Breakfast movement. Simon was recently given the honor of Burundian citizenship and his work with GLO locally in Bujumbura is recognized across a range of key pillars of society – business, agriculture, education, spirituality and health.

Simon has pioneered the establishment of a leading Bujumbura hotel, the Kings Conference Centre (KCC), a social enterprise modelling effective godly business practices for the nation. Many hotels have closed down in the current crisis but KCC is still open for business, serving hope and modelling business integrity.

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