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  • Lessons and Prayers for Sunday, July 15 Lessons: July 15 2018 8_00 am Service Lesson.docx July 15 2018 9_30 am Service Lesson.docx July 15 2018 10_30 am Service Lesson.docx July 15 2018 6_00 pm Service Lesson.docx Prayers of the People: 8_00 am POP 7-15-18 930 am POP 7-15-2018 1030 am POP 7-15-18 6_00 pm POP 7-15-18  
  • Who’s Serving the week of July 15 – 21 Vestry of the Month:  Heidi Ravenel Altar Guild/Flower Guild: Group III/Group III _________________________________________________ 8:00 am Ushers: Jim Falk, Hal Frampton III Reader/Chalice Bearer: Morgan Falk POP/Chalice Bearer: Frank Barnwell Prayer Ministers: Cynthia Straney, Nancy Newton Coffee Host: Kate Marjenhoff _________________________________________________ 9:30 am Team Captain: Amanda Tatem Worship Team: Barnes, Mary Scott, Barnes, Frances, Hayes, and Kean McLaurin, Paul & Abigail Speights, Caroline & Rex Riley, Annetta McNabb _________________________________________________ 10:30 ...


For the Yearly Schedule and to Keep Us Posted on Your Serving Preferences Using Ministry Scheduler Pro

A Free App to help you let us know when you are available to serve at St. Michael’s Church

We use a software called Ministry Scheduler Pro to help us manage the 400+ volunteers who gladly serve at St. Michael’s Church. An e-mail is sent out every week with a reminder of when you are scheduled to serve. We encourage you to follow the link into the Web Terminal to set your account (so you can download the app) and your preferences. If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can download Ministry Scheduler Pro from the App Store. The App is another version of the Web Terminal which allows you, as a volunteer, to access your schedule and serving resources (ie. readings, prayers, manuals) from anywhere.

Go to the App Store on your Smart Phone or tablet. iPhone  Android

Search for “Ministry Scheduler Pro” Install & Open

Organization ID: saintmichaelschurch1751

Username: the first letter of your first name and your last name spelled out

Password: your personal password you created when you set up your MSP account

You can:

  • View and update your schedule
  • Sign up for unfilled positions
  • Find substitutes online, and optionally trade assignments
  • Update your future availability online
  • Customize when and how you receive your reminder
  • Add your serving calendar to your gmail, outlook, or iCal Calendar

Contact Trish McGuinn with any questions regarding the schedule.