Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

The Church is on Fire

Sermon on Sunday

The Church Is On Fire!
Guest Preacher: The Rev. Dr. Russ Parker

There is all the difference in the world between praying with fire and playing with fire. This morning we will be looking at how God both blesses and challenges the church to flourish in the way he wants it to. Leviticus 9.24 tells us that after the giving of sacrificial offerings to God that fire came out from the presence of the Lord and the congregation went face down in the holy presence of God and they were filled with the joy of God. Let us look to the Lord for that fire to fall upon us!

The Rev. Dr. Russ Parker was director of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation from 1995-2013 and was responsible for developing partnerships on listening and reconciliation in 12 nations ranging from Rwanda, Burundi, Hong Kong and the United States. Russ is now the director of Healing Wounded Churches which exists to help churches to resolve and heal their legacies of unhealed stories and their issues and move forward in a renewed ability to flourish as God intends. Russ is the author of a number of books and travels extensively around the UK and abroad, lecturing and teaching in issues connected with Christian Healing and Healthcare, Reconciliation and Church Transformation. Russ is married to Roz and lives near Farnham, Surrey, England. His hobbies are photography and visiting Celtic holy places. He supports Liverpool Football Club, whether they are winning or losing!

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