Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Restoring Our City

Charleston is a wonderful place to live: a historic city, with renowned restaurants and beautiful beaches to enjoy with family and friends.  Yet, there are many people who feel that they don’t fit in, who feel unpopular, and unwanted. There’s the homeless population, those who are elderly and living on their own, and people who just feel like they’ve messed up their lives and don’t belong anywhere anymore.  This story in John’s Gospel is about someone on the edge, someone who felt like they didn’t belong. She had messed up her life, made some bad decisions, and was now coming out to collect water at the heat of the day, presumably because she was too ashamed to collect water at the normal cooler hours when others were around. She is desperately in need, isolated and ashamed. But by the end of the story she is the center of her community, fulfilled and restored.  Jesus is able to restore this woman.  He is the perfect Son of God; she is a woman who has made a mess of her life.  Jesus restores her by doing four very simple things. And we can do the same.  Come hear how we can follow Jesus’ example.