Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Now That Faith Has Come

Sermon on Sunday

When did you last hear the old saw horse: “The Old Testament God is a God of wrath. But the New Testament God is a God of love?” One answer to the person who said that is to remind them that there is a ton of love from God in the Old Testament, and a rather lot of judgment from God in the New. In other words, both Testaments contain both judgment and grace.

But there is a truth in the old misunderstanding, and we want to explore it this morning. We inhabit a world vastly different from that of the old Judaic theocracy where the Law was not only the religious rule, but the secular rule too. But do we feel the difference? St. Paul in Galatians wants us to realize that we have left the “courtroom of the Law” for the “throne room of grace.” I wonder if that conforms to your own experience of Christ?
Stay tuned.

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