Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Knowing Your Place

When Jesus noticed how the guests chose the places of honor, he told them a parable.

We live in a world of constant evaluation. The value of something is measured beside a fixed principle or standard or a set of expectations of some kind. In this world the question “who am I and what is my value?” rarely stands alone but is extended to include “who am I and what is my value… in comparison to you?” And we compete. We have Olympics that deal with physical evaluation where the question is not just am I fast and strong, but am I faster and stronger than you? In the classroom there is intellectual evaluation: “I made a B. Cindy and Sam, how did you do on that test?” But perhaps the most dangerous testing ground for this question is not in the classroom or sport venue or even in the land of office cubicles… but at the party. And I jump now to the question of how much of my inner sense of self-worth is determined by my peers…determined by you?

In the days of Jesus the formal occasion of a dinner party revealed the value of your relationship to the host in how close to the host you were seated. Is that how it works in the Kingdom? When I am evaluated in the midst of “all the company of heaven” by the Host of Heaven, where will I sit, I wonder? What is my place? Will one day God reveal my true value as a person by means of a seating chart? Where will you sit? Where will I sit? What will that mean about you? What will that mean about me?

Every Sunday God throws a dinner party. Come and learn more of what it means to “know your place.”

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