Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Holy City Connects: Living Beyond the Christian Ghetto

Hurricane Irma reveals that we all need a storm home; somewhere to go when the storms overwhelm us. For
many Floridians, Charleston was just that. For several
winters spent in North Dakota, this was our storm home, belonging to my great Uncle Luther. For all of us, St. Michael’s is not only our storm home, but that
place we do life together meeting people we never

would have met before. This fall, taking a page out of Luke 5, we are introducing something called Holy City Connects (HCC). HCC is kind of a “storm home” movement of grace to help us meet and connect with people we would never have met while doing discipleship together over a meal. It’s a place to come in the sorrows and joys of life. This Sunday you will meet the lay leaders of HCC and hear their invitation to you to join the HCC movement!