Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

The Harvest Is Plentiful, but the Workers Are Few

In our Gospel today, Jesus uses a picture from everyday life to explain to the 72 disciples (and to all of us) a spiritual reality that is of tremendous significance. We are living in uncertain times, and this is true throughout the world. Wherever you go it is the same. There is great concern everywhere. At no other time have there been as many refugees as we have now. All of this points to a great need for peace, for love, for hope. This is what the Gospel is all about. In Kenya, where I work, many people are coming to faith. But we lack training for pastors and discipleship. So what can be done? We are all called to pray. Some are called to go. Some are called to join God in sending laborers into the harvest. But all believers are called to be involved.

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