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Gourmet Coffee and the Power of Release

Sermon on Sunday
Gourmet Coffee and the Power of Release

Gourmet coffee. That simple concept is a delight to the ears! Good coffee and the Christian faith go hand in hand. Why? We need time and space, with a good cup of coffee to reflect on the power, and unconditional love of Jesus; to remember again that we are not in charge that Jesus really is in control. Which is why, this Sunday, you will hear the word release mentioned over and over again. Being released from being in control, released from carrying burdens that Jesus died to take. This is where Life Groups come in. Life Groups are designed to give you the time, space (and good coffee) to identify and release those things in your life that prevent you from putting Jesus in charge. Life Groups are also designed to help release you into mission. So, this Sunday, we have one singular goal and that is that each and every one of us would commit to becoming part of a Life Group. Many of you are in one and to that we say, keep it up! To those not yet in one, pray about what you would need to release in your life (even fear!) to allow you to live more deeply through the power of a life group.

Heavenly Father, thank you for releasing us from sin through the blood of your son Jesus Christ. Help us continually release our sins and burdens to you, that we might be forgiven and free. Thank you for the gift of life groups that help in this process of sharing and releasing those burdens. Thank you that you love us so much, we don’t have to work out those burdens by ourselves! Thank you we are not alone! Amen.

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