Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Gospel Community Produces Humility

Pride is like a thick wall that keeps people at a distance. Pride says “I am better than you,” and it consequently prevents people from relating to one another in a way that builds community. Humility, on the other hand, creates space for people to move toward each other, and gestures of humble service toward another are in themselves a movement of person toward person. In Christian community, each must learn both to serve and to be served. When Jesus came to wash the feet of Peter and Peter protested, our Lord told him that unless He washed him, Peter had no share or community with Jesus. Jesus then told His disciples that they must serve each other as He had served them. It is humbling to serve sometimes. At other times, it is even more humbling to be served. But, learning to serve and be served is how the Kingdom of God grows in and among us. Sunday we look at the vital link between humility and community.