Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Gospel Community Produces Hope

This is a Holy City Connects week and each group all around the lowcountry will be looking at the astounding statement that ‘True Gospel Community Produces Hope.’ 2 Kings 4 and Luke 9 reveal that God is the hope-giver. Studying these Scriptures together not only brings hope that comes from Jesus, but we will also hear stories from others that will make that hope a reality in our own lives. If you’re here this morning and short on hope, this service is for you, our Holy City Connects groups are for you. Today…come and receive a new wave of hope to be a hope bearer to the world.

Fall Preaching Series Note:
The Sundays before Holy City Connects (HCC) meet, the preacher will preach the Luke passage to be studied at HCC. The Sundays before Life Group week, the preacher will preach the Romans Passage. Both HCC and Life Groups meet every other week on successive weeks.