Dynamic Downtown Worship in the Anglican Tradition

Gospel Community Produces Commitment

One of the most beautiful things a person can say to a Priest is something akin to the following: “My company wants to relocate me to California, but because of the community I have found in church, I have decided to stay.” Yes, I’ve heard this before from St. Michaelites! In the spirit of Paul and our Romans passage today it brings home the truth that authentic community produces commitment. In Romans 1, we find Paul focusing on a powerful three-way commitment that would change the world. As we continue our fall preaching series on “Come to the Table” we are looking at one more way we are changed by the community we keep. Stay tuned!

Fall Preaching Series Note:
The Sundays before Holy City Connects (HCC) meet, the preacher will preach the Luke passage to be studied at HCC. The Sundays before Life Group week, the preacher will preach the Romans Passage. Both HCC and Life Groups meet every other week on successive weeks.